Considerations to Make When You Are Buying Handheld 3D Scanner

01 May

 There is no doubt that technology has changed a lot and for the good.   The 3D scanners, for example, are becoming very common and essential for most every industry and business and this is one of the technologies that you can think about.   The 3D scanners are used for different purposes, including product development, testing, analysis, design, manufacturing, engineering, quality assurance, and so on.   You also realize that you can actually invest in a handheld 3D scanner and there are many benefits of investing in this type of scanner.   It is a technology that can help a lot in making business processes very flexible, it is cost-effective and time-saving technology.   You can read more below on how to choose the best industrial 3D scanners

 Majorly, when you are buying it 3D scanner of any type, accuracy is always a major issue you want to address.   There are very many areas where accuracy is very important such as quality assurance and for professional applications, you cannot compromise on the accuracy of scanning.  Most of the time, when you want to get the highest accuracy levels, then the scanner needs to be calibrated to ensure the possible accuracy.   Most of the manufacturers will factory calibrate the device but also providing on-site calibration is essential to ensure that things are working for you.   It is essential to consider looking at the information provided by the manufacturer on the specs because most of them will state the accuracy levels. 

It is also important to think about the resolution of the device.   Accuracy and resolution are different because accuracy measures the degree of absolute correctness while resolution measures a possible distance between any two given points when it comes to any type of 3D model that is used.   Finding a handheld 3D scanner with a very high resolution is very important especially when it comes to forensics, quality control, animation, heritage preservation’s and so on.  As you check this, it is also important to know more about the speed.  This will determine how fast your scanner can capture any given object which is why you need to be very considerate. 

 When you are buying a portable device like this, the weight and the size of the device will always be an important issue that you might want to address.   Considering how is it will be to use the 3D scanners also very essential.   It is important to note that there are very many things that can make it complex for you to use the scanner but looking at the features you are able to know what is good for your work.   Consider a distributor that can offer a free trial opportunity which can help you to know more about the quality of the device. For more info go to

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